1. What currency are prices denoted at?

2. What are the modes of payment

3. Can I amend or cancel my order after confirmation

4. What if I am unable to complete my order


1. Do I need an account to make a purchase

2. What if an item is out of stock

3. Is there a size guide


1. Can I return my purchase

2. How long does it take to process my return

3. How does the refund process work

4. Will I be reimbursed for return delivery charges

Credit Vouchers

1. How can I use my store credit vouchers

2. Can I still return an order if I used a store credit vouchers

3. Can I extend the expiry date of my store credit voucher

4. Do I have to use my store credit voucher in a single purchase


1. What are the various modes of shipping and how long does it take

2. Do you ship internationally

3. I haven't received my parcel, who can I contact?