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This week, we have the privilege of catching up with Cui fen, to find out more about her new role as a mum and everything else about motherhood!

Q: Congratulations on your little one! Tell us a little bit about yourself, career and family.

I work full time in an advertising firm and am most recently, a new mum to my 2 month-old baby girl, Sage. Currently on my maternity leave, I take care of Sage full time with the help of my husband, Sheng, who tries to work from home on most days.

Q: How has the transition to parenthood been?

Sheng and I always knew that we wanted kids early, we helped baby sit some of our church friends babies and were very used to taking care of newborns and changing diapers. We knew what to expect diving into parenthood, and managed to ease into it once we had Sage.

Q: We love the name Sage, how did this name come about?

Actually Sage was a name that resonated with us ever since we dated and it was a name we knew we had to have if we had a daughter! Sheng loved this song that goes ..”Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme” and would sing it all the time. When we were trying for a kid, we prayed for a girl and here she is!

Q: Share with us a little bit about your pregnancy journey

I was really lucky that I only felt nauseous during the early weeks of pregnancy. My nausea magically went away once I hit the 12 week mark. On the other hand though, I did start to get very bad hormonal acne, which lasted during my pregnancy.

Q: How did you deal with the challenges of hormonal acne?

The only treatment I went with was to use tea tree facial wash, as I wanted to avoid medicated treatment that might affect the baby. Thankfully it started to subside when I entered my third trimester, although there are still scars now. It was really something I had to talk myself out of and learn to live with by not hiding away.

Q: How has motherhood been treating you so far?

Good! I have a really great support group and a helpful church cell leader whom I speak with on a daily basis, asking anything and everything baby related. I remember asking her about how to tell if Sage had enough after latching, as she would always cry after a feed. She once posed a question back, asking if the cry was a hungry cry? After that, I started to listen out for the different cries and learnt to trouble shoot better. More than having a great support group of mothers, I am very thankful for a supportive husband who helped fend off people who nagged at me to follow confinement traditions and watched me when I cried.


Q: Share with us about your breastfeeding experience

In the first week, I did not produce enough milk, and had to supplement with milk formula. I remember crying about it as I felt I was not doing enough as a mother to provide Sage with the milk she needed. It was only after the first month, that I started to feel more relaxed and confident that I can fully provide for my baby. Everything fell into place after.

Q: What do you think helped with your breastfeeding experience?

I had really good friends who were my support group and taught me a lot. One of the best tips I received was to be apply as much nipple cream as possible and if the latch hurts, unlatch and readjust!

Q: What is your favourite go to outfit for nursing?

Any 2 piece outfit because mama has to look chic even when providing baby with liquid gold.

Q: Share with us one of your favourite moments with Baby Sage.

My favourite moments are when I’m breastfeeding her. It’s actually a love-hate feeling, on one hand, it is extremely tiring whether its pumping or nursing because I am the only one who can do it. But on the other hand, it is also my alone time with her. She recently started becoming a lot more social and feeding time is when we have our one to one conversations and I look forward to those moments after every feed.

Q: Lastly, any tips for new mums out there?

Relax, breathe deep and remember to love your husband. As first time mums, we’re bound to make mistakes but babies are way hardier than we give them credit for.

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