Grace Q&A - DRAFT

The ever bubbly and fashion forward mummy, Grace Khoo, gives us a little sneak peek into her new life as a mum to 3 month old baby Megan, motherhood and fashion tips!

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Q: Congratulations on your little one! Tell us about yourself, career and family.

Thanks so much! I am firstly a mother to my cute chubby daughter, Megan and a wife to my husband, Sam. Fashion and make-up has always been a passion of mine, having previously worked for a local Jewelry brand, Carrie K, and now taking care of marketing for my husband’s family business. I guess you could say I am a big supporter of the local scene in Singapore!

Q: Share with us a little bit about your pregnancy journey

It was quite a bumpy journey, I am definitely not one to sugar coat that being pregnant was wonderful. For starters, I had just resigned from a steady job, to take a break from the corporate world and rediscover myself. Only to find out 3 weeks later, that I was expecting. It was thus, a question as to how would I be able to provide for my little one in a country with high cost of living. I initially too, fell into a dark place as I felt I was not ready to be a mother. However, l am very lucky to have a supportive husband, and eventually learnt to embrace the journey.

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Q: How has the transition to motherhood been?

It has been a lot of adjustments, not only for myself but everyone around me. You definitely learn that you have this love for someone that you never knew you were capable of (sorry husband). During the confinement period, it was tough for me as I loved going out but latching was a problem. After a few months however, I started to get better at it and began to venture out alone with Megan.

Q: Tell us a little more about your style?

I like comfy clothing that is more on the bohemian side. Simple clothing with just the right accessories can make anything look good.

Q: What were your go-to outfits during pregnancy?

Maxi dresses are my favorite for the weekend. Currently due to the hot weather, I have been wearing more oversized tops and shorts with a cute hair accessory. Speaking of which, I absolutely love the Baxter boyfriend maternity shorts!

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Q: By the way, you look amazing in the Maive and Bo nursing wrap dress! What do you look for in nursing wear?

Thanks so much, I love it! Basically, anything that is easy to pull down and feed Megan. Having to handle a fidgety baby and putting on a breast cover in itself is a challenge in itself, complicated clothing is the last thing I want to deal with.


Q: Share with us your breastfeeding experience.

It was tough. In the beginning, Megan had really bad jaundice and had to go through phototherapy. These sessions made her very exhausted and not want to latch. Although I had the blessing to have milk from the day Megan was born, she rejected drinking the milk during the initial stage. Luckily though, this problem went away and I am now exclusively breast-feeding her.

Q: Any nursing advice for mummies out there?

Don’t give up! It gets easier when they get older. Don’t stress, you are doing your best and you are not alone!

Q: Share with us one of your favorite moments with Baby Megan.

I love waking her up in the morning and singing good morning. Her morning smile is what I look forward to. To share one of my favourite moments in particular, it was when my husband let me sleep in as I had a long night waking up 2-3 times attending to Megan. He then woke me up later that morning after giving Megan a shower, and in my vision, the first sight was a brimming baby with the loveliest smile. This is one of the moments I cherish the most, and hope that will happen again!

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Q: What do you love most about being a mum?

I love that I brought this little one into the world and hope to do what I can to keep that cheeky smile on her face. It is really a selfless journey, and it taught me to appreciate all the small things in life, which I used to take for granted (like a nice long shower!)

Q: Lastly, any other tips for new mums out there?

As corny as it may sound, sleep while you can. Ensure your husband is there to support you, as you need all the support and love you can get. Breathe, breathe and breathe. There is so much stigma and pressure being a mother – even till now, I have to remind myself to breathe. Lastly, it is easy to get caught up in it, but don’t believe everything you read online and get stressed how far your friends’ babies have achieved!